I always thought this to be an interesting word, and a contradictory one at that.

You say, it’s a bittersweet memory, when you think of someone who is no longer with you. Of somebody you miss.

You somehow feel both happy and sad at having to see that person in your mind’s eye, because you may never see them again. You feel both joy and pain.

I have a lot of those kinds of memories.

Inspired by Melanie Martinez – Bittersweet Tragedy

Is there somewhere

Is there somewhere

Somewhere you can meet me

And we can just be ourselves

Where we can live for our own happiness

Not for our future happiness

That abstract idea of this work counting towards the future

That in the future we will reap the rewards of all of our labor now

But when will that work stop?

When will be able to stop living for the future

And start living for the now?

Somewhat sorta inspired by Halsey – Is there somewhere