In an unfamiliar ocean

with no buoy in sight

but I’m somehow fine

I can swim like this


I can float from place to place

I need not be tied to anything

I do not need a weight on my ankle

nothing to drag me down

and keep me stuck


I do not need a reminder of where land is

I know it by heart

I can always return


There are islands out here

I do not know where I belong

so I’ll stick to the in between

to the waves and the fishes

and the friends I can count on

to stay in one place


The sun warms the water

that drives the waves upon the shore

that break the delicate shells

until they are all grains of sand,

unknown as what they once were,

impossible to distinguish

from the rest of the pieces.




Hope (updated)

If hope is the thing with feathers,

The force which one feels fluttering in their chest,

despite the worst of what has occurred,

Then there are

Those caught in flight

And wings mangled

Caught by malicious hands

Intending to keep them from soaring


If hope is flying,

Then there are those who have fallen


If hope is the force that keeps us going,

the force which keeps one moving on,

when there is little left to salvage

Then there are ones

Who have been through hurricanes

With great floods which have washed away

What would have been to salvage


If hope is the thing

that keeps this world moving,

Then there are ones

Among us

Who have been forced to stand still

Not by any fault of their own,

but by where they had been happened to be planted

What fate was given to them, one might think

What they were destined to be,

as a product of their surroundings,

The product of the experiences they had,

And the actions they would make

They have been forced to stand still

when the rest of us continue

to look towards tomorrow with shining eyes


If hope is the the thing

that does not exist in the present world,

Then the world does not exist,

for one does not without the other


The world in which you live does not exist for me

The world in which you exist

is not real for anyone but your own mind,

But for your own dreams, but for your own hope.


The mask was firmly in place

it revealed nothing

it was passive

happy, even


The mask was in place

it hid the boiling hot mess beneath

which nobody was allowed to see


The mask was in place

but one day

it broke

and fractured

into a million





The mask was gone

and the pain was clear


And there was nothing to do about it

so they thought


They thought they had needed that mask

But they had been lying to themselves

They didn’t need to make a up a character

Because they were perfect

Just the way that they appeared


The rising sun is reborn

from its death in the west.


It rises past the horizon

to shine in your eyes

It blinds you at first

but then it brings light.


The world is revealed

from its dark cloak once again

The day has begun

Something new is in the wind.


The birds see it safe to chatter

the rays showing where to go.

They see their companions

have lasted through the night

and sing.


The rains of change

pound and pound

they strip

and reshape the ground

their tears fall upon


The rains of change

wash away the bare,

hopeless dirt


The rains,

they come and go


Each time they leave,

the ground is made a new

and life bursts forth

sweet, beautiful, and good.


Secret, cold

There is a secret it her soul

the dark that beckons

that questions what she does


There is a secret in her soul

that whispers the things she wants to hear

and not what she needs to hear


There is a secret in her soul

that doesn’t let her hear what everyone else

is saying

they are wrong

you don’t need help

this is what you want


There is a secret in her soul

that is killing her

bit by bit

and she doesn’t even know it


The secret in her soul

is an intruder

masked to her

masked as a friend

masked as a resident of her mind

when it is foreign

and poisonous


The secret in her soul

went after her body

and tore it to shreds

and didn’t let her see what it had done


All she knew

was that she was cold

and so




Heal her

Heal him

All who have been heartbroken


Heal those

who caused that pain

so that they can


love someone



Heal their sense of trust

so that they

can be true

with each other


Heal them

Don’t let

one fracture

prevent them

from being pieced back

together again


via Daily Prompt: Heal

Deviance, Unpredictable

She carves her own path

She paves her own way


She runs through the fields

through blooming flowers

and dewy grasses

where nobody else has run


She flies

in her mind

to places far away

over the earth

witnessing all of its beauty

and all of its faults


Only she doesn’t see them so

they are differences

and unique

distinguishing features

that is the only thing

that keeps everything

from looking exactly like

everything else


That is what keeps her

from looking exactly

like everyone else

she had found out

what nobody else had

that those differences

were not bad


They were unique

but not bad

They simply were

there was no

grand plan


Just how things were

How they happened to be


They were deviant

and the same

and like everything else

and like nothing else


They were the world

They were the heavens

and the ground

and everything in between


They were changed

They were deviant

and unknowable

and mysterious

and just like everything else

and reasonable

but unpredictable.