Above is my best attempt at doing art that represents how I feel when listening to AJR – orange is Weak, red is Netflix Trip/Turning Out, and blue is Three Thirty/I’m Ready.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I seriously recommend that you take a listen – they just released their new album on Youtube, so go have fun.


(PS. I’m not dead, just busy. Not that anybody actually cares if I post or not. Lol.)



Hi, my name is _________ .


Is that who I am?

Can it be contained within that noun?

Would I be the same person with a different name?


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

Is my name an appropriate descriptor of who I am then?


Can that seemingly random combination of symbols somehow communicate something about who I am?

Is it able to tell anything about me?


What impression does it leave?

Why does it matter?


Sometimes, I don’t feel like what my name says.

I just feel…



There’s no name to my own consciousness.

It’s just there.


Sometimes, I can forget where I am.

I can forget who I am.

In that context, my name doesn’t matter.


I’m just a person.