Buff away at the hate; polish and reveal the love beneath.

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The event has passed

it should be over

it should be able

to stay in the past

where it belongs.




It can resurrect if it wants to

it can hurt you

make you remember

never let you forget.


They have a soul

they have a heart

they live


They live somewhere

in the world

they have a family


They are loved

they are significant

they are not 1

they are a person


They are not

a statistic


They love

They live


Hurry Hurry Hurry.


Do not wait

for your destiny

to come calling

at your door


Do not wait

for something

amazing to come

your way


Do not lie still

and wait for it

Do not wait

for fortune

to favor you


Make sure destiny

notices you

Make sure

the world

notices you.


Better is an adjective of comparison.

If you have a high expectation for what your happiness is what supposed to feel like, and that expectation isn’t being fulfilled in your everyday life, then perhaps you should look harder.

There are reasons to be happy all around you; just look around. Some of life’s greatest joys are the simplest. They don’t need to be elaborate or well thought out or expensive or exceptional, they just are.

Nothing is better than the simple moments that you will remember forever.

Hope (updated)

If hope is the thing with feathers,

The force which one feels fluttering in their chest,

despite the worst of what has occurred,

Then there are

Those caught in flight

And wings mangled

Caught by malicious hands

Intending to keep them from soaring


If hope is flying,

Then there are those who have fallen


If hope is the force that keeps us going,

the force which keeps one moving on,

when there is little left to salvage

Then there are ones

Who have been through hurricanes

With great floods which have washed away

What would have been to salvage


If hope is the thing

that keeps this world moving,

Then there are ones

Among us

Who have been forced to stand still

Not by any fault of their own,

but by where they had been happened to be planted

What fate was given to them, one might think

What they were destined to be,

as a product of their surroundings,

The product of the experiences they had,

And the actions they would make

They have been forced to stand still

when the rest of us continue

to look towards tomorrow with shining eyes


If hope is the the thing

that does not exist in the present world,

Then the world does not exist,

for one does not without the other


The world in which you live does not exist for me

The world in which you exist

is not real for anyone but your own mind,

But for your own dreams, but for your own hope.


If you don’t do anything about it, you may end up wishing and waiting and wishing and waiting some more for something that isn’t happening.

Sometimes it is difficult, but that can’t stop you from working bit by bit to where you want to be.

Sometimes it is scary, but you are not alone.

Sometimes it is dark, but never forever.

Sometimes it is lonely, but you will find your friends.

Sometimes it’s seems impossible, but it’s not impossible to try. Sometimes it’s impossible, but it doesn’t stop you from giving your best efforts.


Your malicious words are a catapult; their destruction can reach far and hurt many. They crush and enrage in result; their projectiles are unyielding in weight and unable to dodge. They launch to their targets straight and true, their bullets and bombs decimating those who are unlucky enough to receive them if they do not have a strong armor against such attacks, though even the toughest of skins do not hold up to the most relentless and repeated strikes.

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