Buff away at the hate; polish and reveal the love beneath.

via Daily Prompt: Buff



They have a soul

they have a heart

they live


They live somewhere

in the world

they have a family


They are loved

they are significant

they are not 1

they are a person


They are not

a statistic


They love

They live


Hurry Hurry Hurry.


Do not wait

for your destiny

to come calling

at your door


Do not wait

for something

amazing to come

your way


Do not lie still

and wait for it

Do not wait

for fortune

to favor you


Make sure destiny

notices you

Make sure

the world

notices you.


Better is an adjective of comparison.

If you have a high expectation for what your happiness is what supposed to feel like, and that expectation isn’t being fulfilled in your everyday life, then perhaps you should look harder.

There are reasons to be happy all around you; just look around. Some of life’s greatest joys are the simplest. They don’t need to be elaborate or well thought out or expensive or exceptional, they justĀ are.

Nothing is better than the simple moments that you will remember forever.