Deviance, Unpredictable

She carves her own path

She paves her own way


She runs through the fields

through blooming flowers

and dewy grasses

where nobody else has run


She flies

in her mind

to places far away

over the earth

witnessing all of its beauty

and all of its faults


Only she doesn’t see them so

they are differences

and unique

distinguishing features

that is the only thing

that keeps everything

from looking exactly like

everything else


That is what keeps her

from looking exactly

like everyone else

she had found out

what nobody else had

that those differences

were not bad


They were unique

but not bad

They simply were

there was no

grand plan


Just how things were

How they happened to be


They were deviant

and the same

and like everything else

and like nothing else


They were the world

They were the heavens

and the ground

and everything in between


They were changed

They were deviant

and unknowable

and mysterious

and just like everything else

and reasonable

but unpredictable.



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