Sometimes, the air around her ears felt like jelly. It was like all of a sudden, just around her, the air was dense and unable to transmit sound, leaving her out of the conversation. She could feel the vibrations, but not the words themselves. She could not comprehend them. She had been locked out of their world, time and time again. They would let her hear what they were saying, wouldn’t let her hear what was important.

There was too much pressing down on her anyways, to worry about what they thought, she told herself. Perhaps that was why she didn’t always understand what they were saying. It just didn’t matter to her enough to care.

All she needed to hear was her own breathing and heart beat, and she would be fine. Walking through the forest, that’s all she could hear.

She had forgotten about her voice, and that others could hear it too, if she tried.

via Photo Challenge: Dense


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