The floods and hurricanes come and go

but my roots hold me fast.


I will not change what I believe,

what I value,

despite the people around me

who follow wherever the wind blows.


via Daily Prompt: Roots



The sky is gray,

churning and fighting against itself,

crying because of its wounds,

pouring its soul onto the earth.


The sky is gray,

churning and fighting

with great streaks of light,

thundering and yelling at itself for the flashes.


The sky is gray,

mixing with great clouds

crying because it is just waiting until it can be blue again.


via Daily Prompt: Gray


The rains of change

pound and pound

they strip

and reshape the ground

their tears fall upon


The rains of change

wash away the bare,

hopeless dirt


The rains,

they come and go


Each time they leave,

the ground is made a new

and life bursts forth

sweet, beautiful, and good.


Hate, love

Hate is a strong word.


Dislike is more likely.


Saying you hate somebody

is quite a strong stance,

That you see nothing redeemable

in their character at all



How did they wrong you?

Do they not deserve a chance?


Perhaps if you took the time,

Looked past the surface

You would see something

to love

sparkling underneath

the shield.

Useless Matters, Important Changes

Stop fighting

Stop quarreling

over useless matters


They will soon be forgotten

If the world does not change

If you do not start to think

That there might be more important

things to think about


Perhaps you should consider

If there is something more important

Something more than what affects you

and your experience in this world


Perhaps you could argue about

issues that affect others

who aren’t as lucky

to be able to waste time

as you are


Perhaps you could argue about

what you could do to help them

what everybody should


Perhaps you shouldn’t argue

about useless matters

But instead about important changes

to be made in this world.


Earth and its many worlds

The forests

The deserts

The waterfalls

The oceans

The rivers

The many animals

That call it home

Like Me


The worlds within worlds

that provide sanctuary

and a beauty unmatched

and not found anywhere else


The many animals that call it home

Though it continues

to change under their feet

and over their heads


The many animals who call it home

who don’t know

that one day

it might have changed too much

for them to live there anymore


The humans

who do know

that our actions

and our actions alone

have caused an irreversible


about our home.


via Photo Challenge: Earth