She had been gifted a calligraphy set, and an interesting one at that. The pen was made out of a lightweight plastic, and shaped like a feather. It worked the same way that a feather pen would, by dipping it into the ink, then proceeding to write.

She really liked the gift. It looked awesome, first of all. But there were far more important causes to enjoy the instrument than such superficial reasons like how it looked; it had a meaning.

It was an interesting mix of old and new. The people who used such a pen couldn’t have dreamed of a day when we were surrounded with this material… plastic, as well as all of the other trappings of modern day life which most people take for granted. They could not have dreamed that one day, a man would walk on the moon, that there would come a day when such a wonderful thing as the internet would exist (they probably couldn’t fathom how it would work, but they would have to agree that the concept was really cool).

The words that were associated it were important, too; feather pens like this one (minus the plastic) had been used to write all of the important documents; the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights… all of them were in that beautiful, though hard to read, fancy, elegant, cursive.

That’s why she wanted to write with this pen- in mostly vain the hope that one day, she would be able to write something that was a fraction as important and far reaching as any one of those scripts.


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