The Concert (An ABC poem)

A combination of
Beautiful sound
Deep, yet light
Every sound blends perfectly
Genius combinations of fingers pressing down
High pitched tweets, birds seem to fly
In the music hall, a
Jerk of the hand makes the trombone work, marvelously
Killing the silence
Lines of music seem to float around the room, sheet
Music coming to life in front of me
Now, the tuba plays, the deepest instrument of them all
Oom, bum, bum
Playing slowly, and playing
Quick, Quick, Quick, barely
Resting for a moment
Saxophones yell
Trumpets blare back
Under over, over and finish, goes the conductor’s hand, at a high
Velocity the crowd applauds
Why it’s a standing ovation!
Xylophones roll notes and support the crowd’s applause
Yelling and Whistling!
Zany, excited, and impressed is the crowd


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