If hope is the thing with feathers,

The force which one feels fluttering in their chest,

despite the worst of what has occurred,

Then there are ones whose bird has been caught in flight

And wings mangled

In the dark recesses of one’s mind

If hope is the force that keeps us trying,

the force which keeps one moving on,

when there is little left to salvage

Then there are ones who have been through hurricanes

with great floods which have washed what would have been to salvage away

If hope is the thing that keeps this world moving,

Then there are ones among us who have been forced to stand still

Not by any fault of their own,

but by where they had been happened to be planted

What fate was given to them, one might think

What they were destined to be,

as a product of their surroundings,

The product of the experiences they had,

And the actions they would make

They have been forced to stand still

when the rest of us continue to look towards tomorrow with shining eyes

If hope is the thing that does not exist in the present world,

Then the world does not exist,

for one does not be without the other

The world in which you live does not exist for me

The world in which you exist is not real for anyone but your own mind,

But for your own dreams, but for your own hope.


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. There is a book called Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson and inside the book it talks about a poem that has the line “hope is the thing with feathers” and it reminded me of this poem.

    Welcome to blogging! It’s lots of fun ❤️

    P.S. This may sound strange if you are not her but I have a friend named Elizabeth and you sound a lot like her.

    If not I’m sorry because that probably sounds so weird!

    ‘Kay bye and welcome again!

    Liked by 1 person

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